Auto Recycling

Market Analysis

With daily analysis of global trading trends, the commodities market and the foreign exchange market we are extremely proficient in forecasting and hedging when it comes to the various metals involved in automotive recycling. We have the capability to hedge the pricing on precious metals (Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) for up to 90 days and can hedge against the U.S. Dollar for up to 180 days. This daily and continuous research allows us to protect your pricing during various points of market fluctuations. Whether the smelters are located within Canada or internationally we are licenced to broker your non-ferrous wherever is most profitable. The hedging of currencies allows us to protect clients against falling exchange rates and falling commodities prices. Our purchase pricing is adjusted daily according to the commodities and foreign exchange market so that you the customer can decide when the best time to sell your material might be.

Catalytic Converters

Navigating the catalytic converter market can be complex at times. Aside from determining the values of hundreds of different models, there also exists the problematic issue of dealing with washed and counterfeit converters that circulate throughout the industry. We ourselves have been on the receiving end of this unethical and illegal activity having unknowingly purchased washed units from a company trying to corrupt the converter market. It was an important lesson for us and since then we have been meticulous in our inspection and grading of converters.

Over the years we have sent our converters to various smelters throughout North America. After experiencing various levels of trust, customer service and consistency in assay results, Larush Business Solutions Inc. is proud to have partnered with Legend Smelting & Recycling based out of Ohio. For over 35 years Legend Smelting & Recycling has been a leader in technology and customer service within the scrap catalytic converter market and we are very excited to be a part of the team. As official Canadian partners of Legend Smelting & Recycling we are able to offer direct smelter pricing for catalytic converters either on a per unit basis or by complete lot assay. These two options allow our clients to determine which is most suitable for their business needs. When we buy converters on a per unit basis we grade and code each converter directly against our Legend Smelting pricelist as well as where the USD is that day and we pay immediately for the units. This option is great for clients looking to turn over material quickly and it keeps their cash flow running as they are paid that day. When we buy converters on assay, we send our clients' converters directly to the lab in Ohio where each unit is broken down to determine the amount of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. This gives the more accurate reading on the exact value of the converters but it takes time to receive the complete results. This is a great option for clients who have the resources to accumulate larger quantities of converters and do not need to receive immediate payment.


Larush Business Solutions is fully credentialed and complies with all provincial and federal laws in regards to storing and transporting scrap automotive and industrial batteries. As a large recycler of scrap batteries we understand the importance of safety and being fully certified to handle hazardous materials. Through our mobile collection service and drop-offs at our facility we gather, consolidate and broker full trailers of scrap batteries throughout North America. We also coordinate the entire door-to-door process of delivering half and full trailer loads directly from our clients facilities to designated processors and smelters. These larger brokered loads give our clients a quick and simple option to recycle their batteries as well as stronger pricing due to the volume of the shipment. The only step required of our customers is to palletize and wrap the batteries in order to comply with legal transportation laws. We handle the rest.

Ferrous / Non Ferrous

Within the Okanagan and Kootenay regions we have differentiated ourselves from the competition by offering a mobile recycling service. Our team picks up a wide range of automotive scrap and whether your business is located in the city centre or off the beaten path, if our trucks can get up the driveway we can come collect your material. We understand that there is a need for our clients to recycle everything from aluminum radiators to steel routers but driving to a processor or recycling facility is not always convenient so if we can eliminate the time and money it takes to make that trip we gladly accept the role of collecting from you. No matter if you define your business as small, medium or large scale, we are willing to accommodate your volume.

Having opened a 3 acre yard, near the Port of Krishnapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. We are now taking our material to the Indian market. With the government of India’s long-term plan for development, the non-ferrous market is incredibly strong. We have built relationships with smelters, foundries and brokers in India who demand our material on a consistent monthly basis. We foresee the Indian market remaining incredibly strong for many years to come.

Power Trains

In our search to add value for our customers we have opened new market opportunities for overstock wholesale powertrains. While this is still a growing market for us, we have received great feedback and reviews from both the purchasing and selling parties involved. Or process is to contact various automotive dismantlers and recyclers interested in liquidating overstock motors, transmissions, and various other parts (ECMs, differentials, rack and pinion, etc.). These sellers present us lists of all the overstock powertrain units that need to be moved. We then shop the overstock lists to our wholesale buyers in Mexico and India who select the desired powertrains they would like. When enough of the units are selected, we ship full trailers/containers directly to our customers. This wholesale powertrain market gives our Canadian sellers a better option for unloading their overstock units as opposed to recycling the parts for scrap value. Our overseas buyers also gain the advantage of buying quality parts in excellent running condition. There is a greater demand/need for used powertrains internationally due to larger populations alone. With over 1.5 billion people between India and Mexico we feel confident that our networks will grow and so will our volume. If you are interested in selling overstock powertrains, please contact us to go over desired makes and pricing.


Along with used powertrains Larush also purchases wholesale used tires with 60% tread and up. To make it simple for our customers who look to quickly dismantle and offload material we purchase the tires in sets of 2 or 4 with the rims still on. We have separate pricing tiers for sets on steel rims and sets on aluminum rims. Buying tires with the rims on skips the dismounting step for our customers who simply have to pop the lugs off and stack the tires. As long as the tires aren't punctured or cracked and meet the 60% minimum tread, we are able to purchase them. Our capacity to purchase tires is still dependant on how quickly we are able to move the tires overseas but just as with the powertrains, this market is growing for us at a steady pace. Our purchase pricing is adjusted daily according to the foreign exchange market.