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Garrett Eidem and Mark Yeung founded Larush Business Solutions in 2014 with the goal of providing a customized service offering for all automotive recycling needs. Our young business was built first and foremost on the principle of attentive customer service, as we believe it to be the foundation of any successful company. So we focused on retaining fewer clients but offering full support and accessibility no matter the time or day. Whether it’s commodities pricing needs, logistics quotes or identifying specific catalytic converter models, our goal is to provide accurate responses in the timeliest manner possible.

With steady growth, expansion and various partnerships we still implement the same business model of detailed customer service and care but with a larger team and portfolio. In January of 2017 Jesse Ashmore, formerly of Kelowna Core and Metal Recycling, was added as a partner because of his vast industry experience and hands-on knowledge particularly with catalytic converters. As a team we share a wide range of education, experience and skills that work in cohesion to help effectively resolve problems and reach optimal solutions for all facets of the automotive recycling sector. With warehouses in British Columbia, Quebec, and soon to be Alberta, we are bringing our service all across Canada. It truly is a pleasure for us to help businesses thrive and to be part of their success.

International business is fast-paced and exciting. Larush has been successfully brokering material to and from Asia as well as Latin America. Larush will continue to pursue any educational resources such as the TAP and ICE programs as we are looking to constantly improve and perfect international trade.

We look forward to expanding our global network and helping other businesses achieve their brokering needs.


Mark Yeung


Tel: (778) 875 6226

Email: mark@larush.ca

Garrett Eidem


Tel: (604) 701 1838

Email: info@larush.ca

Jesse Ashmore


Tel: (250) 681 4545

Email: info@larush.ca

Sai S. Vasantam

VP of India Marketing

Tel: (778) 220 0723

Email: info@larush.ca