Our Services

What we do

1. Scrap metal and catalytic converter purchasing.

We specialize in buying catalytic converters and scrap non-ferrous material. Our new processing facility in India allows us to send your material to the Indian market and offer some of the strongest pricing in all of Canada for heavy dirty aluminum.

2. Customized solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metals brokerage.

From one pallet, to a full container, we will efficiently move your material from your door to its final destination; we will fulfill all your brokering needs for ferrous, non-ferrous and catalytic converters. We have all the necessary permits and experience to get your material to your buyers all over the world.

3. Continuous commodities market analysis for competitive purchasing and hedging.

With daily market analysis we leverage your position when hedging precious metals from converters to keep you protected and get the best pricing we can.

4. Strategic consulting for business growth and development.

Our experience in local and foreign markets can help your business run efficiently and at its maximum potential. We will put fresh eyes on your operation and help you get more competitive.

5. Operational permit procurement (LT license, BCG, Export permits, NAFTA, WCB Safety planning, contingency planning, etc).

A scrap metal recycling business requires thorough plans and specific environmental permitting. With local, provincial and federal contacts we can help your business obtain the necessary certification to operate legally. We have setup several locations throughout British Columbia and know the ins and outs of the industry.